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Screenwriting Accolades

Quarter Finalist, Blue Cat Screenwriting Contest, 2015
Quarter Finalist, Fresh Voices Screenwriting Contest, 2015

How far would you go to do the wrong thing for the right reason?

Desperate to keep his piece of the American dream, a down-and-out Sacramento trailer park owner seeks a quick fix to his money troubles by stealing pot from an ex-con's grow house, but the quirky situation turns dangerous when she kills his girlfriend and takes him on as partner in her massive real estate scam."

As a young contractor and developer, ART PERFECT has found success after spending a dozen years separating himself from the trailer park he loathed while growing up. Suddenly the nation's mortgage crisis strips him of nearly everything he owns. Looking for a quick fix, Art plans a seemingly easy and apparently harmless marijuana heist. But before he can pull it off, the grower SHEILA GUNNER runs afoul of Art's girlfriend and blows up the couple’s home, killing her and forcing Art back to the trailer park he left years before.

As Art attempts to put his life back on track, he's reunited with his best friend TONY, fresh from hard time in prison. Art feels responsible for Tony's misfortune and struggles to redeem himself with his hot-headed friend. To make good, Art brings Tony into his scheme to steal Sheila's pot and sell it to shady medical marijuana dispensaries.

A chance meeting with his high school sweetheart, BOBBIE SUE, brings Art face to face with HARMONY, the daughter he never knew he had. The young girl and her lovely mother offer him powerful motivation to get his life in gear, and the quirky characters in the singlewide community lend a hand. Finally a pro bono lawyer asks Art the question that will forever shift the tide of his fortunes: How far would you go to do the wrong thing for the right reason?

Springing a trap for Sheila, Art tips off local law enforcement to her dealings, putting himself in jeopardy and risking everything to do right by Harmony, Bobbie Sue and Tony. Now with Sheila out of the way, Art is faced with a life-changing decision – how to deal with the deeper plot and wide-ranging real estate corruption Sheila was involved in. Art is primed to confront the consequences of his shifty dealings and fully redeem himself with the loved ones he’s wronged in the past.


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