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Screenwriting Accolades

Quarter Finalist, Fresh Voices Screenwriting Contest, 2018
Spotlight Nomination, Culture and Heritage, Fresh Voices Screenwriting Contest, 2018

Real courage comes from knowing when not to surrender.

When a Southern slave accidentally uncovers a clandestine Confederate strategy for winning the Civil War, he risks his life as a covert Union fighter while history unfolds, but with Lincoln’s assassination, his unbridled rage nearly sabotages his mission.”

When WILLIAM JACKSON, a slave and coachman for Confederate President Jefferson Davis, overhears a secret plan utilizing guerrilla tactics to win the Civil War, he risks his life by escaping to the North with the news.

Soon he’s collaborating with ABRAHAM LINCOLN and becomes a covert assassin. Paired and trained with PEYTON LASALLE, a former slave owner, the duo are forced to bond while wreaking havoc on the South.

As bodyguards for Lincoln, they’re eyewitnesses to history, including General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. Unable to protect Lincoln at Ford’s Theater, William’s rage turns towards TED WRIGHT, his sadistic former owner and leader of the Southern guerrilla war plan.

William and Peyton take up the hunt for Ted in San Francisco, his last known location. They get help from a young Chinese prostitute named SUN SU, and an eccentric local figure named EMPEROR NORTON. By double-crossing Ted, the team exposes Confederate plans to dominate California and commandeer a huge stash of treasure.

The trail leads them to the coast of Northern California, where William escapes the harrowing sinking of the famous BROTHER JONATHAN loaded with gold. Meanwhile Peyton lays a trap for the Confederates inland with the aid of a band of freed slaves.

The Union fighters win the battle and help bring to an end the epic struggle between North and South, but Peyton is mortally wounded. With his last breath he urges William to win the peace.

In the aftermath, William dedicates his life to building a thriving community in California, embracing tolerance for all races.

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